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By Gail Newton, Jun 24 2014 09:35AM

Here in South East London, the sun is out, but so are the clouds, so is the pollen and so is the pollution. A heady mix!

If you are a hayfever or asthma sufferer this mixture will make breathing hell. Even if you don't suffer from these things, but your internal climate is too "damp" then this weather will find you ennervated, lethargic, heavy limbed and soggy brained.

In chinese medicine, we'd aim to "wring the towel dry" to redress the balance and reduce the humid internal conditions to help withstand the outer ones!

By Gail Newton, Mar 11 2013 02:24PM

I note that the news is awash with the latest on antibiotics with the doomy prediction that operations in hospitals may be severely compromised in 20 years because of bug resistance to known antibiotics. Research is not a favourable option for the pharmaceutical industry since time limited medications are not lucrative. What to do??

Chinese Medicine seeks to srtrengthen the system of the patient making their immune system stronger and thus more resilient to viruses. It does not 'bomb' all the bacteria, killing the offending bug but also all the good guys thereby rendering the patient weaker in the long run.

These warfare tactics are crude in the sense that eventually the smart organisms will develop resistance. Meanwhile the system it is invading has become weakened. We need to make some very serious decisions about our medical future.

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