• Stress and Chinese Medicine

    Here in Sydenham, as everywhere in London, I've observed in my acupuncture and herbal clinic that the employment culture seems to dictate that people are working longer hours, for less money and with more uncertainty about the future. This leads to increased stress levels - which has been shown to have health implications both in the long and short term.

    Stress has been linked with worsening pre-exsisting medical conditions and lowering the immune response when fighting new ones. Therefore, stress has implications on physical health.

    Further, stress manifests in as many different ways as there are different people. The way I work with Chinese medicine, is to cater specific treatments to these varying presentations. For example, a stressed out mother of 3, constantly suffers from chest infections. From a Chinese perspective, stress and the infection are bound up in a vicious circle and both require treatment.

    Another example: a man suffering from asthma and IBS notices both are worse when he has deadlines at work. He also notices when commuting on the tube, if his asthma is bad, he easily picks up the numerous bugs floating around. In other words - stress finds his weak points. Rather than simply focusing on asthma and IBS, my treatment is targeted at his stress also.

    Because of the busy lives we lead, many of my patients can't get to me during the week. As a result, I've opened my practice on Saturday mornings to help cater for these needs.


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