• Winter blues

    Whilst walking the dog in the freezing sleet in Mayow Park this morning, I ruminated on how nice it would have been to stay in bed. My PA asked me this morning why everyone seems to be so exhausted at this time of year.

    My reply was simply that we are animals, and we respond to light and warmth. Looking at nature, the leafless trees, the bare soil, everything has gone on hold, not growing, preserving until spring. Bad news, we should be doing the same. Sadly our modern lives don't allow for this. Getting to bed earlier during the dark winter months will, unsurprisingly, help matters!

    To add insult to injury, extremely cold weather consumes a lot of our energy. Chinese medicine recognises that cold temperatures slow blood circulation. Think of a lake in winter - the water gradually turning to ice and becoming stagnant. There is no movement.

    Diet can play a key role in helping the circulation of blood and Qi. Ginger, cardamon, cinnamon flavouring warm cooked food is the order of the day. Raw foods such as salads, should be saved for summer!

    So, to summarise: Winter should be anything but rock and roll! Sorry folks. That's all for now!


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