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By Gail Newton, Jan 28 2013 12:08PM

Here in the West, the 'expert' reigns. We are constantly told what to wear, eat, feel, do - and we need a medical degree to know what's wrong with us. Often, we'll intuitively know what is wrong - but it can be difficult to persuade your doctor!

Example: A young woman with irregular periods went to her doctor. She told the GP that both her mother and sister had suffered depression as a side effect of the contraceptive pill and feared she'd have the same reaction. The doctor confidently informed here that there was no evidence that families had the same cycles or reactions.

Within a week of taking the prescribed medication (Microgynon), she was uncharacteristically tearful and depressed - even finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

Chinese medicine would seek to establish a normal 28 day cycle with Acupuncture and herbs - without flooding the body with hormones. I would try to establish a normal cycle and then advise about more natrual forms of contraception. Chinese medical practioners also listen carefully to the family history and constitution. I'd encourage you all to listen to your bodies with confidence. You know your body best - trust your instincts.

By Gail Newton, Dec 22 2012 12:00AM

Provided the world hasn't ended (Mayan prophesy anyone?!), like the rest of us here in South East London, you a probably preparing for Christmas - and acupuncture is far from your mind. As today is the winter solstice (mid-winter), the light now officially starts to return. Spring is still a long way off however, and acupuncture and herbs can be an effective treatment for SAD (seasonal affective disorder), frequency of colds/chest infections, and general winter malaise.

Behind all the festive cheer, mince pies and carolling, Christmas can be a very difficult time. In my experience, the lonely feel lonelier, the poor feel poorer and the stressed feel stressier. All emotions are heightened, and we can be left feeling less 10-lords-are-leaping, more 10-lords-are-sleeping (off their hangovers). My answer to this is herbs and acupuncture!

If all else fails - here is a herbal hangover cure:

Take 2 chillies in a pan, one stick of cinnamon, and a few coriander seeds, a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar. Boil for 10 minutes, and enjoy! Lime juice can be added after to taste. This zingy drink will get your numb brain working again (and it tastes surprisingly good!).

Have a peaceful yule!

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